VTUBER / REF SHEET / custom design

Model art (without rig) + showcase/refsheet 
Full body1000€
Reference sheet 
Rendered front view + palette500€
Extra accessories / weaponTBD
Character design 
Rendered front view + palette500€
Extra accessories / weaponTBD
YCH animated emotes 
25€ / each400€ —> pack of 16 emotes


☆ I enjoy working on :
• humanoids, all genders
• fantasy / goth / cute / y2k / flowy and detailed designs
• gore / monstrous / animal ears, tails, paws, wings : okay
• Prices are in EURO (+10% of USD value)
• Payment : with credit/debit card via ko-fi
• Inquire with form in the end of this page

Prices might vary depending on the complexity of the design and number of add-ons. I will send you a quote before payment if I accept your inquiry.Model art will be delivered in .psd file (that can be rigged by a rigger later on) and .png (flat image with gradient background)
• Rigging service is not included in this type of commission
• The first 4 expression stickers are free! (Blush😳, angry😡, cry😢, worry😰)
Ref sheet will be fully rendered (like vtuber model art but not ready-to-rig). A pose and opaque background only.• For character design, I will create design from sketch to finish based on your promts and moodboards


To commission : copy, paste, answer and message me via Twitter/Instagram (not Discord) the form below to inquire. I will answer your message asap and let you know if I accept your application.Hello Human, I would like to commission you!
• By commissioning you, I agree with your terms of service
• My name/nickname :
• Username : @
• Email :
• Commissions purposes (vtubing or personal):
• Commission type(s) :
• References images or links (dropbox, stash, google drive folder link, tweet, toyhouse…) / or / some moodboards, drafts, palette etc. for a custom design :
• Brief description of the character / important details :
• Any add-ons, extra outfit, toggles etc.:
• Any other requests (canvas size, due date,…) :
• I want to be notified the next time your commissions are open (yes / no) :

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